Looking for vehicle repair & tyre service at affordable prices?

At ETS Tyre & Auto Centre we pride ourselves on offering quality car repair services at low prices. As a family owned business and experienced staff, we understand our customers’ needs and tailor our services to meet their requirements.
Since our inception, we have grown more and more successful through personal recommendations and an ever growing loyal customer base. Our customers keep coming back as they can be sure of reliable and efficient workmanship at affordable prices.

Price and Choice

Upto 40% cheaper than high street retailers. We have made massive savings by streamlining the fitting process and cutting overheads; these saving are then passed onto you. We have a wide range of tyres to choose from because we work with all major tyre manufacturers we can offer you the best of all budget, midrange and premium tyres for all types of cars, vans, 4×4’s, trailers and caravans.

Value and Expertise

We pride ourselves on providing quality tyres at honest, no hidden extras plain to see competitive prices. As a family run business with 12 years experiance we appreciated the needs of local people, and don’t have to pamper to the sales targets set by the head offices of some national tyre companies. Our independence means we’ll only bring you the best products at the right prices – and that’s our guarantee.

Professional Standards

Our most valued asset at ETS Tyres is customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve a very high level of customer retention and we do this by providing our customers with detailed information about the best routes to take in order to achieve what they require – ranging from best tyres for value for money to appropriate tyres for vehicle types.


Servicing proactively maintains your car, reducing the risk of a breakdown. Servicing can help maintain your cars value. At ETS Tyres we provide a range of affordable service packages to suit your needs.

Puncture Repairs

ETS Tyre carry out tyre puncture repair to British Standards (BS AU 159). These are defined limits to the location, size and number of repair.  We have all necessary equipment in our workshop to carry out any type of repair.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Tracking problems can be caused by hitting a kerb, driving into a pothole in the road or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components.  If you think your steering wheel is towing to one side or your vehicle is rubbing tyres unevenly, there could be a possibility your car needs aligning.  At ETS Tyre we can carry out front wheel alignment checks for free of charge.


We provide top notch maintenance service for all types of vehicles.
We are certified to service and repair a variety of vehicles including but not limited to the following:

  • General Motors
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes – Benz
  • Mercury
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Plymouth
  • Pontiac Porsche
  • Rover
  • Saab
  • Saleen


We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in Huddersfield area and beyond. Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services.

  • "I have taken several of the family cars here for the past several years and without exception the experiences have been outstanding. I would highly recommend this place to any one who wants great service, honest value, and really great people."

    Clutch Repairs
  • "Job finished on time for the agreed sum. Excellent customer service and value for money, I will definitely be back in the future and recommend ETS Tyres to my friends and family."

  • "Yes. They did a great job on my car but also fantastic customer service. Kept me informed and were very helpful and polite."



We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in Huddersfield area. All mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics. We can handle any car problem.

We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners in Huddersfield. Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best before leaving our car shop.


  • What are your appointments policies?

    Once you book an appointment online, we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the date and time. This is then logged to ensure your slot is available and not taken by any other customer.

  • What's the legal limit of tyres in the UK?

    Cars, light vans and light trailers MUST have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tread and around the entire circumference.  Read More…

  • How often should i service my vehicle?

    We recommend servicing your vehicle every year at the minimum. This will ensure your vehicle is at the best possible condition and prevent any unforeseen costs or expenses to get parts changed.

  • How do I keep track of routine maintenance?

    Most vehicles come pre-fitted with onboard computers that alerts you on when your service is due. You can get an appointment booked on our website to get this done and keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

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